e-mail tour announcement

2013 TdC

Family and Friends:

Finally!  Joyce and I finished our training yesterday with a 150k ride.  Our training has improved our fitness level to smoothen Muskoka’s hilly terrain, eliminated pounds (Joyce has curves again), familiarized us again with the PB&J diet, and trained our bikes to turn into all ice cream joints.

So, it’s “do or die”.  Heavy on the “do”, please!  After ten weeks of training using a schedule from a reputable source, Joyce and I are confident that we are as ready as we can be short of “race ready”.  We’ve got 2000+ kilometers in our log, and we haven’t even started.  We appreciate our Families’ support.  Fred and Greg at Muskoka Bicycle Pro Shop have been instrumental in getting the bikes in top shape for a trouble free venture.  Krista MARWICK did a terrific job of massaging to keep our bodies supple.  And, Dan FINCH of Computer Tech improved my blogging proficiency so that family and friends could follow our quest.  Of course, we thank all who bid us “best wishes”.

We are travelling with the tour group, Tour du Canada, whose interesting website is www.tourducanada.com/ .  Have a gander.

We leave Huntsville Tuesday, 11 June afternoon for our flight Wednesday morning.  I’ve organized a pre-tour tour following the Sunshine Coast to Powell River, across to Comox to visit a friend, then down the east coast of Vancouver Island to meet up with our tour group in Victoria on 18 June.  After congregating at “Mile 0” 19 June in Victoria for obligatory photographs, we proceed eastbound for a day’s orientation at UBC.  21 June, finally, it’s “game on” as we head eastbound for St. John’s, Newfoundland where we arrive 29 August.  The days begin with somewhat low kilometers (ie: 70 – 80), then by mid-trip, we are into bigger kilometers (150 – 180), regularly.  Gulp!

Attached here is the website address for our “blog”.  I got terrific help from the aforementioned Dan FINCH, who has an enviable grasp of the computer.  Once I get the hang of it, entries will be simple, and should be easier with practice.  Should there be any problems on my end, me being only superficially computer literate, Dan has generously invited me to seek his expertise.

It’s incredible the number of people who wanted to have the address to monitor our progress across this huge expanse of land called Canada.  So, here it is.


I’ll make entries when possible, likely rest days, which occur regularly.  There are a lot of variables involved daily, most notably the length of the day in the saddle, and my level of fatigue.  If anybody feels that we should be making entries daily after a 180 km. ride, I invite you to join us, then take dictation at the day’s conclusion.

It would be nice to have days of 20*C, cloudy bright, with tailwinds, most cyclist’s dream.  With our experience on bikes, we know that won’t happen, at least, not regularly.  So, we’d be happy with, and are looking forward to, a great experience with no or minimal, body breakdowns.

Have a safe, enjoyable summer.  As the song goes, “Oh, we’ll see you in September”.  With all our exercise, we hope that you’ll still be able to see us, too.


Joyce and Dan